Helen Stehbens

Managing Director

An inspirational senior executive with extensive experience in both the public and private sectors. In her senior executive roles in Government, Helen had significant responsibilities for transport planning, project development and implementation.  In Queensland, she was also responsible for oversight of the major transport Government Owned Corporations, involving all aspects of performance, governance, and in some cases, asset sales.    Since leaving Government, Helen has also worked in the coal and resources sector and more recently has concentrated on infrastructure building opportunities.  Internationally, she has focused on transport policy, planning and project capabilities in developing countries through mentoring and support programs in Africa and significant work over the past three years in South East Asia covering public financial management for infrastructure, capacity building, mentoring, equitization and performance enhancement.  Her strengths include commercial acumen, integrity, the ability to identify business opportunities, management and evaluation of significant infrastructure and transport projects, and skills in motivating and developing people towards the achievement of organisational goals.

Warren Phillips


Warren Phillips is a business focussed senior heavy industry/transport operations and maintenance senior manager with a thorough understanding of the logistics chain and the interrelationships between safety, people, plant, operations and maintenance. He has highly developed skills in operations, operability, and technical design and assessment of both rail and port facilities.  Warren can and has effectively enabled nameplate and beyond outputs within a facility, and across the transport system, and particularly with respect to heavy manufacturing, rail and port systems.  He can offer benchmark solutions for both greenfield and brownfield projects whilst simultaneously improving safety systems and performance.  Warren has significant experience in preparing, negotiating and implementing change within and across workplaces and supply chains.  Recently, Warren has been working in South East Asia advising on transport and steel related businesses.

Sheila Villaluz – Management, Capacity Building, Organization Development

Sheila is a management specialist with significant experience across the fields of organization design and enhancement, learning and development, program and project management, public policy analysis and legislation, gender, procurement and governance, public finance and budgeting.  She has worked with government and development of civil society sectors.  For the last three years, Sheila has been focussed on the Philippines transport and budget and financial sectors where her prior experience as an instructor at university level has been called upon to prepare and deliver seminars and workshops as a member of the Australian funded Public Financial Management – Infrastructure team.

Michael O’Flynn – Mining, Tenement, Geology, Management

Michael’s qualifications in both Science (geology) and a Master of Science (Environmental Science) have enabled him to gain a diverse background in the mining, infrastructure, and development sectors.  With over forty years of in the resource sector, he has extensive experience in resource planning in collaboration with local governments, assessment of Environmental Impact Statements, and management and administration of exploration and mining tenures for coal, minerals, petroleum and geothermal energy.  Additionally, Michael has experience with extractive and mineral resource policy development at both State and National level.

Chris Hartley – International Marketing, Marketing Design, Sales and Commercial Management

Chris Hartley has been developing markets for raw materials for over 30 years as a senior marketing executive for MIM Holdings Ltd, Ok Tedi Mining Ltd, Vale and GVK Hancock Coal. He has managed the delivery of raw materials to end-users via rail, road, river barge and ship. Managing on-time, on-specification delivery is vitally important to demonstrate the efficiency of the delivery chain but equally as important is managing the relationships between producer, carrier and customer. Chris has spent his career interacting and building relationships with organisations within Australia and globally. These organisations have ranged from multi-nationals to small locally based companies and across all levels of governments either in their regulatory capacity or as end-users in their own right, for example, power companies and state-owned steel companies.  Chris has in-depth understanding of all critical market and sales support requirements including product quality and utilisation characteristics, shipping, logistics and scheduling, mining (underground and open-cut), product treatment, budgeting and finance.