Contract Negotiation and Management

Successful contract negotiation requires a deep understanding of the subject of the contract, an appreciation of the key drivers of each party, and a strong grasp of the legal contexts and commercials. Best results are achieved from appropriate incentivisation and allocation of risk. Multi-party negotiation requires careful stakeholder management and alignment of objectives. RoadRailPort team members have decades of experience in commercial and government contract development and negotiation. We have negotiated on behalf of governments, statutory bodies, community organizations, multinational corporations, and small private sector companies. Contract management is a strategic management discipline undertaken by all commercial organisations. Successful contract administration for a buyer entails correctly identifying the necessary outcomes, monitoring the supplier’s performance, ensuring value for money and embedding learnings/improvements for the future. RoadRailPort can assist your organization to identify key contract data and establish appropriate data management systems. With many years’ experience designing and improving supply chain contracts we can review your contract arrangements, assess optimization opportunities and improve your business. We bring the commercial acumen, the political awareness and the understanding of risk necessary to assist your project achieve success.

Project Development

RoadRailPort team members have extensive experience in the development of transport infrastructure projects. With a focus on projects servicing mining and agricultural operations we have worked on: • Concept development; • Option analysis and selection; • Business case development; • Feasibility studies, including pre-feasibility and bankable feasibility studies. as well as project management and delivery for and utilising: • road; • rail; • port; and • aviation infrastructure. We can assist with : • transport system design and assessment; • modal selection and integration; • interchange design; • interface agreements; • permitting and government liaison at all levels; • corridor assessment; • all tenure issues, including resumption advice; • contract negotiation; • stakeholder management; and • workforce analysis and planning. Highway, railway, port, airport, depot, intermodal facility, terminal - in any area, we can bring the technical and commercial expertise to ensure that your project is successful, whatever the project stage. Our team has the experience and understanding to move your project quickly and effectively from concept to completion, and to support the ongoing management of the project logistics. Additionally, we can bring in additional resources and expertise from a close network of trusted industry professionals, if and as required.

Energy and Investment Attraction

As Australia moves toward greater contributions to energy requirements from renewables, there is significant discussion and uncertainty regarding the capacity of the changing generation profile to reliably supply energy needs and requirements. There are multiple disruptions occurring to the market as it moves from a model of concentrated energy generation and effectively one way distribution of the energy, to one where there is widespread distribution of energy generation which also has significantly greater variability in generation. This has led to altered requirements for the distribution grid, and is leading to changing requirements to meet peak energy demand. RoadRailPort has recently undertaken studies into the overall energy market for the Australian Eastern seaboard, examining emerging technology developments, energy requirements, the interaction between renewables and traditional generation resources, and the requirements for diversity and storage through the next 30 years. RoadRailPort have undertaken several investment attraction studies for regional councils to understand more completely the assets and businesses within the region, and the important interactions at local, state, national and international levels. This includes detailed assessments of farming, mineral, and manufacturing products, transport, energy, workforce, and infrastructure requirements to support either current or proposed increases in output for the benefit of a region.

Logistics Planning and Analysis

A well functioning supply chain is of paramount importance to any commodities business and the logistics operations are the key. From initiation of a proposal to development and optimization several key capabilities are required: - Forecasting of requirements, weeks, months, and years in advance; - Logistics strategy development; - System design and analysis; - Capacity planning, including assessment of the capability of third party suppliers; - Risk assessment and mitigation; - Strategic alignment including incentivisation design; - Communications system design; and Monitoring system design. RoadRailPort can review your existing operations to consider what opportunities are available for cost savings and reductions in working capital? Should transport and warehousing be outsourced? How much inventory is needed to achieve target service levels? What spare capacity is there and how scalable are the current operations? How effective is the IT in support of operations? Can good customer service be maintained after cost cuts? We will work with your team to achieve optimized integrated supply chain systems, with clearly defined roles, clear communication systems, and appropriately managed risk. We will help you ensure all works are cost effective, time frames are known and agreed, and that the design stages from concept through to final construction design are fit for purpose, and enable the best chance of success

Capability Building

Every organisation relies upon its people, and an effective, capable workforce can be the difference between success and failure. RoadRailPort can assist with all aspects of workforce development and capability building for the transport sector. We can help you to: Define organizational vision and direction; Develop innovative service models and new resource allocation models; Determine workforce capability requirements and current workforce capability gaps; Design competency training programs; We can guide you through change management and workplace reform increasing your business capability through mentoring, coaching and leadership training. With experience in national and international contexts RRP team members have a proven record in building workforce capability in the context of organizational change for both public and private agencies.

Program and Project Management

Successful project and program management depends on: • identification of strategic objectives; • delineation of project or program and budget parameters; • clear management structures, including delineation of roles, accountability and reporting; • appropriate risk management; and • constant monitoring. RoadRailPort team members have led and overseen multi-billion dollar transport infrastructure programs and projects and small scale maintenance and upgrade programs. We can assist with: • strategic prioritization; • governance structures; • risk analysis and management systems; • reporting and monitoring mechanisms; • probity issues; • stakeholder identification and management; • team and individual capability development; and • management of delivery. as required. We can help assess, design and implement modifications to streamline and secure efficient and effective project and program delivery.