A well functioning supply chain is of paramount importance to any commodities business and the logistics operations are the key. From initiation of a proposal to development and optimization several key capabilities are required:

  • Forecasting of requirements, weeks, months, and years in advance;
  • Logistics strategy development;
  • System design and analysis;
  • Capacity planning, including assessment of the capability of third party suppliers;
  • Risk assessment and mitigation;
  • Strategic alignment including incentivisation design;
  • Communications system design; and
  • Monitoring system design. 

RoadRailPort can review your existing operations and answer questions such as: 

  • What are the opportunities available for cost savings and reductions in working capital?
  • Can RoadRailPort deliver these opportunities, and how can success be achieved through them?
  • Should transport and warehousing be outsourced? 
  • How much inventory is needed to achieve target service levels?
  • What spare capacity is there and how scalable are the current operations?
  • How effective is the IT in support of operations?
  • Can good customer service be maintained after cost cuts?

We will work with your team to achieve optimized integrated supply chain systems, with clearly defined roles, clear communication systems, and appropriately managed risk.  We will help you ensure all works are cost effective, time frames are known and agreed, and that the design stages from concept through to final construction design are fit for purpose, and enable the best chance of success.