Successful contract negotiation requires a deep understanding of the subject of the contract, an appreciation of the key drivers of each party, and a strong grasp of the legal context. Best results are achieved from appropriate incentivisation and allocation of risk.  Multi-party negotiation requires careful stakeholder management and alignment of objectives.

RoadRailPort team members have decades of experience in contract development and negotiation in the transport context.  Team members have negotiated on behalf of governments, statutory bodies, community organizations, multinational corporations, and pubic and small private sector companies. We have led, undertaken, assisted or overseen negotiations for major infrastructure projects, commodity transportation projects, resource development projects, supply contracts, and development consortia. With a combination of legal, government and private sector backgrounds we bring the commercial acumen, the political awareness and the understanding of risk necessary to assist your project achieve success.


Contract management is a strategic management discipline undertaken by all commercial organisations. Generally the objectives are to manage customer and supplier expectations and relationships, control risk and cost, and contribute to organizational profitability/success. 

Successful service contract administration for a buyer entails correctly identifying the necessary outcomes, monitoring the supplier’s performance, and ensuring value for money and embedding learnings/improvements for the future. For a supplier it entails managing contract deliverables, including key dates. For both the timely availability of accurate data is essential, with systems to collate, analyse, and forecast performance. 

RoadRailPort can assist your organization to identify key contract data and establish appropriate data management systems. We can assist in establishing systems to capture key dates and communication channels. With many years’ experience designing and improving supply chain contracts we can review your contract arrangements, assess optimization opportunities and improve your business.