Helen Stehbens – Project Development, Transport System Planning Analysis and Reform, Commercial Strategy, Leadership & Mentoring

An inspirational senior executive with extensive experience in both the public and private sectors. In her senior executive roles in Government, Helen had significant responsibilities for transport planning, project development and implementation.  In Queensland, she was also responsible for oversight of the major transport Government Owned Corporations, involving all aspects of performance, governance, and in some cases, asset sales.  She has been a Director representing the Queensland State Government on the commercially focused Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal Pty Ltd Board, in addition to participating actively on not-for-profit boards.  Since leaving Government, Helen has worked in the coal and resources sector, and more recently has concentrated on capacity building opportunities in Regional Queensland.  Internationally, she has focused on transport policy, planning and project capabilities in developing countries through mentoring and support programs.  Her strengths include commercial acumen, integrity, the ability to identify business opportunities, management and evaluation of significant infrastructure and transport projects, and skills in motivating and developing people towards the achievement of organisational goals.


Warren Phillips - Rail & Port Operations, Logistics, Project Development, Commercial Negotiation

Warren Phillips is a business focussed senior heavy industry/transport operations and maintenance senior manager with a thorough understanding of the logistics chain and the interrelationships between safety, people, plant, operations and maintenance. He has highly developed skills in operations, operability, and technical design and assessment of both rail and port facilities.  Warren can and has effectively enabled nameplate and beyond outputs within a facility, and across the transport system, and particularly with respect to heavy manufacturing, rail and port systems.  He can offer benchmark solutions for both greenfield and brownfield projects whilst simultaneously improving safety systems and performance.  Warren has significant experience in preparing, negotiating and implementing change within and across workplaces and supply chains.


Cleo Chadwick – Workforce Reform, Capacity Building, Project Management, International expertise

Cleo has many years of project experience within Australia and the international arena. She has excellent program design and project management skills honed over two decades of domestic and international experience. A clear communicator with a positive and enthusiastic nature, Cleo relates well with people at all levels. She is particularly skilled in facilitating solution-seeking processes and helping clients think through organisational vision and direction. She is highly capable in helping to strengthen the capacity of others. She has a proven record in business management including: budgeting, planning, organisational and project governance, partnership agreements, legislative requirements, funding models, commercial and management systems, and contract management. Cleo has extensive experience in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East and in the education, health, governance and infrastructure sectors. 


Chris Hartley – International Marketing, Marketing Design, Sales and Commercial Management

Chris Hartley has been developing markets for raw materials for over 30 years as a senior marketing executive for MIM Holdings Ltd, Ok Tedi Mining Ltd, Vale and GVK Hancock Coal. He has managed the delivery of raw materials to end-users via rail, road, river barge and ship. Managing on-time, on-specification delivery is vitally important to demonstrate the efficiency of the delivery chain but equally as important is managing the relationships between producer, carrier and customer. Chris has spent his career interacting and building relationships with organisations within Australia and globally. These organisations have ranged from multi-nationals to small locally based companies and across all levels of governments either in their regulatory capacity or as end-users in their own right, for example, power companies and state-owned steel companies.  Chris has in-depth understanding of all critical market and sales support requirements including product quality and utilisation characteristics, shipping, logistics and scheduling, mining (underground and open-cut), product treatment, budgeting and finance.  


Brian HollinsTransport Design and Planning Analysis, Logistics

Central to Brian's contribution to the RoadRailPort team is the integration of transport decision-making frameworks with the parameters of regional science.  He adopts regional analytical approaches to transportation, including for example, spatial economics, origin-destination to location modelling, land use and regional development, intra and inter-industry assessments, multiplier effects, input-output analysis and related quantitative techniques.  Brian also has extensive practical transport logistics experience.  His previous work has included the estimation of the impacts of transport infrastructure improvements, preparation of investment funding proposals and stakeholder communication protocols and guidelines.


Colin GeddesInformation Infrastructure Design, Project Management, Assessment and Reform

Colin has developed a wide ranging, practical skill set in delivering optimized and pragmatic business focused solutions through years of successful delivery in ICT Management, Strategic Architecture, Project and Operational roles. With experience in number of multi-billion dollar green and brown field infrastructure projects, GOC utilities, and services based companies of varying sizes, he has consistently delivered outcome driven solutions that underpin successful, sustainable business growth particularly through periods of rapid business expansion or realignment. He provides trusted experience and advice in almost all areas of current and emerging technology trends, including software, hardware, communications and cloud based solutions; alignment with number of methodologies, frameworks and standards; and resourcing through internal and outsourced models both locally and internationally.